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    2020-06-01      通知公告


    Notice on Returning to School for 2020 International Graduates of Wuhan University





                 i.            Categories of returning students

    1. The 2020 international graduates currently living in other cities in China;

    2. The 2020 international graduates living off-campus by renting an apartment in Wuhan;

    3. The above two categories do not include non-degree students.




              ii.            Time for returning to school

    1. The time period for graduates to return to school is: June 15-19.

    2. Students must complete the procedures of entering the campus and graduation within the time prescribed by the school. Graduates who are unwilling to return to school or whose physical conditions are not suitable for returning to school may entrust others to go through the graduation procedures.









            iii.            Conditions for applying for returning to school

    The following conditions must be met when applying for returning to school:

    (1) Healthy in the past 14 days, without fever, cough, fatigue, sore throat, diarrhea and other symptoms, and holding the "Health Code" green code;

    (2) Those who have not been in contact with confirmed / suspected cases or asymptomatic infections within the past 14 days;

    (3) No history of overseas travel within the past 14 days;

    (4) Have not contacted any person who has returned from abroad within the past 14 days;

    (5) In the past 14 days, there was no history of residence in medium and high risk areas for domestic epidemic prevention and control;

    (6) Persons living together with you meet the above 5 conditions.







            iv.            Back to school guidelines

    1)    Students who have plans to return to school should make the following preparations before returning to school

    1. Use the Wuda Daily Ping Anmini program for health punch-in every day, accumulate at least 14 consecutive days of health record, and apply for the health "green code" in advance. If you have any questions, please contact the counselor for assistance.

    2. Submit an application to the counselor one week in advance for returning to school. After the application is approved, choose a qualified regular medical institution in your current place to conduct nucleic acid testing and antibody testing. The test results are valid for 7 days. Students who live off-campus by renting an apartment must also have a nucleic acid test certificate within 7 days.

    3. After the nucleic acid and antibody test results are out, the students can arrange to purchase tickets and inform the counselor of the flight schedule information, and the counselor will issue a letter for allowing the students to enter the campus.

    4. Graduates who return to school without approval will be dealt with seriously by the school, and the students may bear the costs themselves.



    2)    Please cooperate with the inspection when returning to school

    The west gate of the Department of Arts and Sciences, the west gate of the Department of Information, and the gate of the Department of Medicine (for students to carry out the first school identity check when returning to school) will be open for 24 hours.When you arrive at the school gate, please cooperate with the security department for identity information verification and body temperature detection. To ensure the health and safety of students, the vehicles and persons seeing you off are not allowed to enter the campus.




               v.            Graduation and school leaving matters

    1. Take the original student ID and passport to the 104 office to collect your graduation certificate.

    2. Go to the 111 office to receive graduates' cultural shirts and graduation gown.




    Student Affairs Office

    School of InternationalEducation

    June 1, 2020