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    2020-09-11      通知公告












    Dear new international students,


    You are welcome to study in Wuhan University. You have passed strict evaluation and interviews. You should be proud of yourself and be faithful to Wuhan University.

    In order to better welcome students to campus, we have started preparation and arrangement from the beginning of summer vacation. We launched a personal health information declaration and collection system, provided students with "health package" including anti-epidemic items such as masks; and we have opened up special channels for freshmen's enrollment and registration. We have sterilized public areas such as the dormitories, canteens and classrooms. We also provided the students from different risk areas with a classification management scheme which create a safe study and living environment for international students.

    For the students who are still abroad, we have made careful arrangements to make sure that all students can obtain sufficient learning resources from overseas. For the new students majoring in programs taught in English, all courses will be taught online and offline simultaneously from October 8. For the students majoring in programs taught in Chinese, the general compulsory courses will be taught online, and 14 online general elective courses are available for students to choose. For the major basic compulsory courses with a large number of students, the courses will be recorded and uploaded to cloud platform for students to download. For the professional basic compulsory courses and professional compulsory courses with a small number of students, learning materials and course handouts will be provided to students. Meanwhile course learning groups and academic support teams will be set up to guide students' autonomous learning. In addition, Wuhan University undergraduate programs are based on credits, which give students much freedom to choose courses. So even if you can't come to the university to study, the courses you didn't select or complete in this semester can be selected in the next academic year.

    In short, please believe that Wuhan university will make every effort to overcome the adverse impact of the epidemic on your study in China, and strive to provide you with better learning conditions so that you can finish your study successfully and become professional talents later. We will be the most thoughtful service for you to create a better living environment. I sincerely wish you success in your study and happy life!


    Admission Office

    School of International Education

    Wuhan University

    Attachment:  2020年秋季學期國際學生(本科)選課、上課方式的通知(中英文).docx