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    2021年武漢大學國際學生(本科)招生簡章 2021 Undergraduate Programs of Wuhan University (Admission for International Applicants)

    2020-11-25      招生專業

    一、申請資格 Eligibility


    Applicants should be healthy and well-behaved, and have a foreign citizenship and an educational background equivalent to that of the Chinese high school diploma.


    Applicants should have good academic records and provide the following documents (including but not limited to):


    High school transcripts (original /notarized copy in English or Chinese).

    2.2 國家/地區統一高中考試成績單

    Transcripts of National/Regional official high school graduation examination

    2.3 國際通行標準化測試成績

    Results of international standardized tests

    2.4 已在華學習申請者需提供原在校表現證明;

    Applicants who have studied in China should provide the Discipline Record from previous school or university.

    3、 截至入學當年91日年滿18歲(含以上);仍未滿18周歲的申請人,須在申請時提交監護人保證書。

    Applicants should be 18 or above by Sept. 1, 2021. For the applicants under 18, please submit a Guardian Statement in the online application system.

    4、漢語水平:Chinese Language Requirements

    4.1 理工科,醫科申請者達到HSK四級(含)以上,文科申請者達到HSK五級(含)以上,可以直接進入中文授課專業學習;國際教育學院漢語言本科專業一年級申請者,無須提供HSK水平證書。

    HSK (level IV) certificate or above is required for applicants who would like to study in the programs of science, engineering and medicine; HSK (level V) certificate is required for applicants who would like to study in the programs of liberal arts. Applicants who apply to study as a freshman in Chinese language program in School of International Education don’t need to submit HSK certificate.

    4.2 漢語水平未達到要求者可以申請漢語進修,漢語水平達到學校要求后,再申請進入專業院系學習;

    For applicants who haven’t reached the required Chinese language level, they can apply to study Chinese language in Wuhan University first. After obtaining HSK (level IV) certificate or above, they can apply for the major study.

    5、英語水平 English Language Requirements

    母語非英語的英文授課項目申請者需提供英語水平證明,TOEFL需達到80 , IELTS需達到 5.5。不能提供標準化英語測試證明的,需進行英語筆試或面試。

    For non-native English speakers who apply for English-taught programs, they should provide a score report of English Proficiency test (TOEFL 80+/ IELTS 5.5+). For applicants who cannot offer the above-mentioned standardized English test results, they will be required to participate in an additional oral or written English test organized by Wuhan University.

    6、華裔學習背景要求 Study Requirements for Ethnic Chinese

    父母雙方或一方為中國公民或從中國大陸(內地)、香港、澳門和臺灣移民外國后取得外國國籍的,根據中華人民共和國教育部教外函〔202012 號文,須入籍4年(含)以上,且最近 4 年(截至2021 4 30 日前)之內有在外國實際居住 2 年以上的記錄。

    If the applicant’s parents or one of the parents are Chinese or the applicant has emigrated from Chinese mainland, Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan and acquired foreign nationality for, according to the No.12 Announcement of the Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China (2020), they must be naturalized for 4 years or more and have more than 2 years of residence in foreign countries during the past 4 years (before April 30, 2021).


    Applicants who have completed senior high school studies in China are required to provide personal birth certificates and parents' nationality certificates.

    二、申請流程Application Procedures

    1、網上申請Online Application


    Please log in to the online application system at "Wuhan University International Students Service System” within the application period at http://admission.whu.edu.cn. After registration, please complete the "Wuhan University Application Form for Foreign Scholars and Students" correctly and completely, and upload the supporting documents and pay the application fee as required (Please see more details in  attachment I: List of uploading documents in the online application system).

    2、綜合測評Comprehensive Evaluation

    2.1材料評審Documents Review


    Applicants should submit all information and documents accurately and completely before the deadline for the evaluation of Wuhan University. Otherwise, the application will not be considered.

    2.2 考核與面試Examination & Interview


    Applicants who pass the application document review will be admitted to the interview. The interview time and method will be informed in advance.  Outstanding applicants recognized by Wuhan University will have the interview waived and get an offer directly.

    3、簽證申請Visa Application



    Admitted applicants must bring their passport, Admission Letter, Visa Application Form (JW202/201), Physical Examination Record Form as well as Blood Test Record to the local Chinese Embassy/Consulate or other official missions authorized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in China to apply for a student visa (X1/X2 visa).

    Notice: If admitted applicants hold other types of visa rather than student visa (X1/X2 visa), they will not be registered at Wuhan University.

    三、招生專業 Undergraduate Programs


    For the undergraduate programs offered to international students, please see the details in attachment II “Wuhan University International Students (Undergraduate) Admission List of Majors Catalog”.

    四、學制與學位的頒發與授予 Duration, Degree & Diploma


    The duration of study for undergraduate programs in Wuhan University is four years (Architecture requires five years, and MBBS in English six years, MBBS in Chinese five years). The programs are delivered in Chinese and some of them can be taught in English. Bachelor's degree and graduation certificate will be awarded, if students finish all the required courses and pass the thesis defense.

    五、學費及其它費用Tuition Fee and Costs


    For more details, please check attachment file IV “Tuition Fee and Costs of International Students”


    NoticeAdmitted degree students must pay their first-year tuition fee during their registration in Wuhan University. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to register.

    六、新生獎學金 Scholarships for New Students

    1、中國政府獎學金-國別雙邊項目 Chinese Government Scholarship-Bilateral Program

    請直接與本國留學生派遣部門聯系(一般為中國駐當地使領館),具體申請要求,請登錄中國國家留學生基金委網站http://www.csc.edu.cn/studyinchina http://www.campuschina.org, 以及武漢大學網站http://admission.whu.edu.cn。

    Please apply directly to the dispatching authorities for overseas study of your home country (usually the local Chinese Embassy or Consulate). For more details of application, please visit CSC website at http://www.csc.edu.cn/studyinchina or http://www.campuschina.org, and the Wuhan University website       http:// admission.whu.edu.cn.

    2、孔子學院獎學金 Confucius Scholarship


    For applicants who want to study Chinese Language, Confucius Scholarship is available. Please visit http://www.hanban.org/

    七、申請、錄取、報到時間 Application, Admission & Registration Period

    1、申請時間Application Period

    1.1 自費生 Self-sponsor Applicants

    Application time starts from Nov. 10,2020 to Jun. 30,2021.

    1.2中國政府獎學金生Application Period for Chinese Government Scholarship Applicants


    Application time usually starts from early December, 2020 to March 31,2021.

    1.3 孔子學院獎學金生Application Period for Confucius Scholarship Applicants


    Application time usually starts from early March, 2021 to early May,2021.



    NoteAbout application period for Chinese Government Scholarship, please pay attention to website information: http://www.csc.edu.cn/ and http://admission.whu.edu.cn/.

    Time for Confucius Scholarship application can be found at http://www.hanban.org/ and  http://admission.whu.edu.cn/

    2、錄取時間Admission Period


    Based on overall evaluation of the document and interview of the applicants, Wuhan University will issue the admission results by batch. Please check the admission result at the website http://admission.whu.edu.cn .

    注明: 申請中國政府獎學金、孔子學院獎學金請查閱相應網站公布時間

    Notice: For applicants who apply for Chinese Government Scholarships and  Confucius Scholarship, please check the related online application system to get admission results.

    3、報到時間Registration Period


    Registration period usually starts from 1st to 10th September. Please check the admission notice for the registration time for new students.


    During registration at Wuhan University, the admitted students should bring their ordinary passport (diplomatic passport and service passport will not be accepted), Admission Notice, Visa Application Form (JW202/JW201) and student visa. Original or notarized diploma or transcripts of your previous study period in English or Chinese should also be provided for rechecking during the official registration. Otherwise, the admission will be considered invalid.

    八、住宿 Accommodation


    School of International Education, Wuhan University, will reserve on-campus dormitories for new students who register within the registration time.

    九、聯系方式 Address  & Contact



    電子郵箱: admissions@whu.edu.cn  

    電話: 0086-27-68753912

    傳真: 0086-27-87863154

    Admission Office, School of International Education

    Wuhan University

    Maple Garden,Wuhan University, Luojiashan Street, Wuhan, Hubei Province 430072, P.R. China

    E-mail:  admissions@whu.edu.cn  

    Tel: 0086-27-68753912

    Fax: 0086-27-87863154